Connor Harding-Delorean (born 25 May 1990) is an orange clothed Irish Cyborg and debuts in the second chapter of the first section of Green Wings Man - Teenage Cyborg, With Love, Paris.


Early life

Connor Harding-Delorean was born in Cosgrove-Hall-more to Kathleen Harding and Christopher Delorean on 25th May 1990 but was raised by his father due to his mother's death after birth in Felicity. He grew up helping his father with various easy tasks at his father's workshop where his father was an engineer with Irish Cyborgs.

Childhood and Irish Cyborg training

Connor first met a 12-year-old Red E Aaron for a check-up and they became good friends afterwards and the went to Felicity's School for Irish Cyborgs together. On the 26th August 1994, when Connor was only 4, he was put on the list for Irish Cyborg training due to Christopher Delorean being diagnosed with crackmonella, a disease in Irish Cyborg biology that causes them to age quicker than usual but training started on the 30th June 1999. At that time, Connor had turned 9 and was homeschooled after the takeover of Felicity's School for Irish Cyborgs by a nut factory. Connor would later reclaim the land in Burren Swings (14 years later).


Connor's Irish Cyborg training went on for 8 years and went to Felicity College secondary school and was student of the year twice. At the time he was given the unborn AJ Harding in a jar and was told to take care of him like his own. On the 25th May 2007 (Connor's 17th birthday) Christopher was knocked down by a train while Connor was in a nearby shop getting water. Connor became an Irish Cyborg by drinking his father's last bottle of salt water that in his pocket.

Present day






  • He is loosely based on Marty McFly and the time traveling Delorean from the Back to the Future franchise due to the fact that Claireblue is a fan of Back to the Future and uses the date of the third film's first release date (25 May 1990) as Connor's birthday rather than 12th June (the character, Marty McFly's birthday) as the idea for Connor came when she saw the ending of Back to the Future Part 3 .
  • The first surname comes from a teacher Claireblue does grinds with called Martina Harding, a religion teacher who teaches Montmellick but lives in Portlaoise with a daughter and son.
  • The second surname comes from John Z Delorean, American engineer and founder of Delorean Motor Company. Ironically, Connor is an engineer with Irish Cyborgs.