Burren Swings

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With 25% percent of WARREN Agents gone, it looks like WARREN was going to give in by nope! They came back for more and this time they took gems belonging to the brother of Chief Lumberbell! Can Green Wings Man and Leopold AND Debbie rescue them and put down another lot of WARREN Agents?

It's a Wattpad Original!


A Simple Grave

the prologue tells us about Chief Lumberbell's brother, Daniel who set up the Secret Agent Base in revenge for not being his father's successor. We also learn about the CH Legacy which is a collection of jewels that fell from the roof of the battle tunnel. Daniel died of a heart attack on his 42nd birthday and is buried in Clondarraig Cemetery, north-west of Felicity.

Chapter 1 - 6th January 2013

Chapter 2 - A time of recap

Grouped Chapters

Chapter Published Dates

Chapter name D M Y
In Loving Memory 11 Dec 2016
A Simple Grave 11 Dec 2016
6th January 2013 11 Dec 2016
A time of recap


Chapter hiatus



In Loving Memory

The eBook is dedicated in memory of three people.

Rita Duff, a neighbor of ClaireBlue who died at the age of 94.

Christopher "Christy" Keenan, a family friend and neighbour of ClaireBlue who died at 86.

Clay Martin Croker who was an animator and voice actor who went by C Martin Croker that died at 54.