Jeffery Hopkins is a male human character that is introduced in the 14th chapter of Teenage Cyborg, Discovering Harvey.


Jeffery was born and raised in Felicity according to Discovering Harvey when he says "Am I in Felicity? It sure has changed since I have left for university" and declares he is excellent with baking as he opens a bakery in the same unit as Harvey after Harvey's Restaurant is closed down by Generation Millennium. He has learned his baking skills from his grandmother. He knows little about Human Cyborg reproduction as he doesn't understand when Heather cy-germs while he is visiting her on Valentine's night.


Teenage Cyborg (2016-17)

Discovering Harvey

  1. "Hello"
  2. "Am I in Felicity? It sure has changed since I have left for university"
  3. "I'm Jeffery Hopkins"
  4. "I can do better cooking than Harvey"
  5. "If we shut down Harvey, I will take over his space for my bakery in which I am doing for my grandmother"

Burren Swings

"What is this?"

Is this why we must cover our noses when we sneeze?"

"ate Grandmother Theresa, help me!"


  • His grandmother's name is a reference to Mother Teresa who was a nun that was cannonised as a saint in September 2016, over 6 months before Jeffery debuted.

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