Portal Digital Servers are a community and the main hub of portal servers.

Little is known about them other than that they were responsible for the portal in Green Wings Man's bedroom because the ringmaster had violated the code of conduct of the server portals and they picked Green Wings Man to confiscate her portal key despite Green Wings Man unaware about this until discovering the lab of former WARREN Agent, Joe Walker in Jamie's house.

The servers it holds

Portal Digital Servers hold server named after alphabet letters, mainly Server Z due to Joe Walker connection and commitment to PDS during his life up until his death in 2010.

Server Z

Server Y

Server X

Server W

Server V

Server U

Server T

Server S

Server R

Server Q

Server P

Server O

Server N

Server M

Server L

Server K

Server J

Server I

Server H

Server G

Server F

Server E

Server D

Server C

Server B

Server A


  • Server Z originated from ClaireBlue's school days at Sacred Heart Primary School where in computers, files were saved on a computer server called SERVER Z. When saving file in Sacred Heart, she was told "File, Save as, My Computer, Server Z, look for your class folder, search for your folder, double click and press save". When opening a file "File, Save as, My Computer, Server Z, look for your class folder, search for your folder and double click on file". THe rules still applied in Portlaoise College except Server Z is replace with groupsrepublic.

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