Son to Father Cemetery is a Cemetery dedicated to deceased Irish Cyborgs. it debuts in the first chapter of the first Section of Green Wings Man - Teenage Cyborg, "Goodbye, Uncle" when The boys (Green Cyborg and Edd Burren (later Green Wings Man) look across at it from the car park and vision a probable burial for Green Cyborg in which is a jossed vision as Green Cyborg is cremated. It is only across the road from the Irish Cyborg Centre in Gailotown and is the Irish Cyborg equivalent to Pere Lachaise in Paris with it's famous gates, a chapel and crematorium. Despite this, some Irish Cyborgs are buried in Pere Lachaise instead of Son to Father. Son to Father was opened on 25th March 1940 for the deceased Irish Cyborgs, the first burial there was Dr Charles Grove who died a week after the opening on 1st April 1940 from a stroke. However, the first Irish Cyborg interment was Harris Hopper in the Gadget Museum in 1959.

The 1939 Circle

The 1939 Circle is a circular grave plot for Dr Charles Grove and the first Irish Cyborgs. It is first mentioned in Chapter One of the Second section of Green Wings Man -Teenage Cyborg, when Connor Harding Delorean says that there are 2 Irish Cyborgs that need to be re-interred in to the circle, Clapton and Daniel and later on he says that they need to prepare for Michaela and Vincent. this table are the current Irish Cyborgs ages at the time of the first book.

Dr Charles Grove 1865 1 Apr 1940 75 human
Harris Hopper 1919 1959 40 Irish Cyborg (formerly human)
Clapton Cherub 1907 28 Feb 1998 91 Irish Cyborg (formerly human)
Michaela Rogers 1921 91 Irish Cyborg (formerly human)
Daniel Burren 1917 1984 67 Irish Cyborg (formerly human)
Jordan 1916 1966 50 Irish Cyborg (formerly human)
Vincent 1944 68 Irish Cyborg (formerly human